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Our staff of Paradigm 360º Executive Coaches offers executive and career coaching services to meet the needs of professionals at all levels of the organization, from the C-level executive to the entry-level employee. Whether your goal is to improve your managerial effectiveness, to improve your promotability, or to determine the next move in your career, a Paradigm 360º Executive Coach can work with you to provide support, encouragement and accountability.


A typical executive coaching program consists of six to eight sessions and is designed to partner with any level employee to help them accomplish their career and professional goals. Additional sessions can be added based on the needs of the individual.

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Paradigm 360º Team Coaching supports teams in improving performance, achieving specific goals, developing individual team members, and building healthy, productive team relationships. We will diagnose your team and recommend specific coaching interventions to help the team achieve its optimal productivity and performance.  


Paradigm 360º offers a one-day coach training course that will introduce powerful skills that coaches use to create high quality, breakthrough conversations. These conversations help to improve the participants’ personal and professional effectiveness. People can leverage the power of conversations to impact people in transformational ways. Trainees will:

  • Learn how to listen for what really matters 

  • Understand how to ask powerful questions that result in increased workplace productivity

  • Identify “conversation killers” that sabotage constructive relationships

  • Learn how to identify the types of questions that create space for people to respond authentically

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